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Some projects are blessed by the word “go”. It starts with good creative and a client that believes in it wholeheartedly.  Thanks to the hard work of our friends at Connelly Partners, they had earned that trust and when they came to us we knew we had the right director.  Enter, Cesar Velasco.  When he received the boards, he felt like they had been specifically written for his style.  We wasted no time and got right down to Cesar’s stomping grounds: Austin, TX.  It was the perfect setting for this campaign that called for snapshots of Americana.  Cesar’s lean toward capturing genuine moments through quick cuts and camera tricks was the perfect recipe for the campaign.  That paired with a little spice from the VFX team at Vagrants, Post created the cherry on top: a coastal California surf scene shot on the bluff of a Texas lake bed.  


The creative synergy from client to agency, to production, to post is the story we’ll always remember about this adventure into the world of fried fish!


Director | César Velasco
  • Client:  Gorton's Seafood

    Agency:  Connelly Partners

    Director:  César Velasco

    EP:  Dustin Devlin

    Creative Director: Abby Pete

    Producer: John Rains

    Copywriter: Sam Coons

    DP:  Dan Kennedy

    Edit:  Jack LeMay

    Color:  Rob Bessette / Color Refinery

    VFX:  Niche VFX

    VFX Producer: Jonah Kaplan






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