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Jonah Kaplins Alt Headshot
Jonah Kaplans Headshots


VFX Director, Vagrants

Jonah is our resident nerd and expert on all things computer generated. A VFX-focused director and producer, Jonah skillfully blends practical effects and CGI to tell cinematic stories. Jonah's commitment to innovation is evident in his approach, as he continually embraces the cutting edge of post-production. This past year Jonah has been directing a film in the Halo Universe called Cold Storage, which has involved managing a team of artists and harnessing hte power of hybrid EMF and IMU motion capture technology.

Jonah's unique perspective is shaped by his upbringing — he was born in the tranquil forests of New Hampshire and came of age amidst the grandeur of the Himalayan mountains. Legend has it he was once stalked by a leopard on his way to Biology class. He showed up with fierce claw marks on his arm. All we can say is, you should've seen the leopard.

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