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Stacy Buchanan Headshot


Producer | Vagrants Originals

Possessing a wealth of experiences, Stacy commands a genius level producer acumen. Heralded as the go-to source by industry insiders. In need of an inconceivable prop? Seek Stacy's expertise. Filling out intricate tax documentation? Stacy's proficiency reigns supreme. Reciting the verbatim screenplay of Terminator 2? Stacy remains the paragon of encyclopedic recall. Stacy has had stints on the brand side at Bose, but many know her from the PBS series Front Row - a live music series featuring the likes of Black Pumas, Jason Isbell and Bad Rabbits. Not impressed yet? What if we told you she spends her free time curating organic bath products endorsed by Martha Stewart? That’s right. She unequivocally dispels the fallacy that these pursuits are mutually exclusive.

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