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9 shoot days in 4 cities in 2 countries on 3 coasts in 2 weeks. Just let that sink in… (pause for dramatic emphasis).


Vagrants: hold my beer. 


Director Dustin Devlin jumped right in (shallow end, head first) with Newfangled as they mobilized into production on a fresh influencer-led content campaign. Flanked by trusty producer Jill Shaw and the support of the entire Vagrants squad, they rode into the night - or rather overnight - on flights and long production days. They soon found out that time is just a construct, and pain is weakness leaving the body. It took an army of allied forces, but the proof is in the pudding: an energetic love letter to an eclectic group of influencers that, much like us, use Google for just about everything.


Ok, we’ll take that beer back.


Director | Dustin Devlin
  • Agency:  Newfangled Studios

    CD:  Macaela Vandermost

    EP:  Jill Wyman
    Lead Editor:  Kristen Levesque

    Edit:  Tyler Clinton
    Edit:  Jack LeMay

    Color:  Rob Bessette / Color Refinery

    Vfx:  Fred Kennedy





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