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May 21, 2024

Over the last few years, the Vagrants have morphed into destination production specialists.  Thanks to the trust of our clients, we’ve been privileged to produce in some pretty far-flung places. From the rainforests in Belize to the streets of London, Rocky Mountain vistas, and desert overlanding, we have met some incredible collaborators who have allowed us to navigate some ambitious creative asks.


Our most recent adventure in Hawaii was a real treat, and along the way, it put into focus some valuable lessons that I’ve learned to make these shoots a success.


#1 - Lean on the Locals – as a production company, there’s always an inclination to save money by bootstrapping aspects of production like locations, or by flying in equipment and crew rather than working locally.  This usually comes out of an arrogance of a producer feeling like they may know better, or have access to better resources than the locals do.  By my estimation, this never works.  The baseline intel you get from a local is always going to outweigh the ingenuity of a out of towner regardless of experience. 


#2 - Do as the Locals do – let the fabric of each place soak into every part of the production.  So, yes, eat the local fare, and visit the local landmarks, but also respect the local production community.  For instance, in Hawaii, our local producer advised we start the week-long production with a traditional Hawaiian ceremony.  (reference picture) Not only was this one of the most unique experiences I’ve ever had on set, it set a tone of respect for the local crew and led to a symbiotic, collaborative working experience for the duration of the shoot.


#3 – Bring Vacation Vibes - and what I really mean is: have fun and don’t be an a-hole.  While you’re in the midst of a production it’s easy to get stressed with the pressure cooker of production.  We’re up early in the morning and grinding late at night squaring away every detail.  But, you can’t let that stress overcome you and infect the overall experience for the crew and your clients.  I have found that the vibe of a shoot will directly correlate to the product on screen.  As a director and EP,  I take it upon myself to set an example for the rest of the crew to follow: just be cool.  There are going to be difficult challenges to navigate and stressful pickles to pull out of, but by creating a fun and welcoming environment you are far more likely to deal with those challenges in a positive and effective manner.  


It has dawned on me how truly lucky I am to have these experiences in the first place.  As awesome as it is to go to these far-flung places, it’s the people you get to hang with along the way that makes it memorable. I walk away from every adventure with a handful of new friends bonded for life. Thanks to all the folks who enable these unbelievable productions and all the incredibly talented producers, creatives, and crew that have supported me along the way.

- Dustin Devlin


New Work

We believe fish sticks are good for the soul. And if you don’t believe that – check out our newest work for New England legacy brand Gorton’s. Connelly Partners brought us on to create Gorton’s latest campaign in honor of their 175th anniversary.

The man behind the magic, Director César Velasco, fully leaned into the creative focusing on small, heartwarming moments where the product was part of the moments and not the reason for these moments. With César leading the charge, we sprinkled in some VFX and beautiful color correction — you just have to sea it for yourself!


Live Event

We held our first film screening at the office and it was a big hit (if we do say so ourselves). 

We teamed up with Elevate Youth to screen two films paying homage to the outdoors.


 “Mighty Waters” Directed by Shannon Vandivier beautifully tells the story of bonefish legend and recipient of the IGFA Tommy Gifford Award, Ansil Saunders, as he shows us  how fishing led him to meet Dr. Martin Luther King in the Bahamas.


We also featured The Caretaker –  a collaboration between Made Back East & Warden. This film  takes you inside the Harvard Cabin, a remote respite for ice climbers and backcountry skiers to escape the elements. This film is an ode to the Caretakers who care for it, the men of Harvard who built it, and the mountaineers who rely on it. 



October 15, 2023

Our Made Back East family is growing! We’re stoked to introduce our latest film, Beyond Normal. Beyond Normal dives deep into the life of New England native and professional surfer, Becca Speak, who finds herself in uncharted territory after suffering a traumatic brain injury. We had the opportunity to work with two upcoming filmmakers in LA, Anna Burns & Jordyn Romero, as we followed Becca’s journey from the ocean, to her road to recovery. Check out Becca’s story as she learns what it means to be ‘Beyond Normal’

Watch The Trailer


Somerville, MA

The news is out. The VAGRANTS are all grown up and have left Allson, rat city for a new pad in Union Square, Somerville. We’ve built out a new home with room to grow in a neighborhood that embraces the arts– as well as the english muffin (shout out Vinal Bakery).  We’re excited to be opening our doors, working with fresh collaborators, and creating nothing short of remarkable work.  It’s not just a relocation; it's a celebration of how far we've come and a testament to where we're headed. Don’t be a stranger! Drop by, say hi and in the meantime, check out the new digs!

VAGRANTS - 230 Somerville Ave, Floor #2, Somerville, MA 02143



August 17, 2023

Nothing says ‘Welcome to the Neighborhood’ quite like an office warming party! 


Our new space was buzzing with excitement as we welcomed old friends, new friends, family, and fellow Vagrants to celebrate this milestone moment. 


We had signature cocktails flowing, a rad DJ accompanied by a VJ with sick visuals. Local artists came together to fill our walls with their stunning work. Mario Kart races were non-stop. And no shindig is complete without a hot dog machine.


Thank you to everyone to played a part in this epic event – you are all part of the Vagrants fam! 



Vagrants is expanding our family of creatives; let us introduce you to our sister company, Pennant Video. Pennant is raising the banner of success as a comprehensive video-first marketing agency helping propel business development. From generating interest to driving action, Pennant videos energize your mid-funnel for improved conversions. Boost brand engagement, rack up qualified leads, and outplay your rivals with Pennant. Unleash your inner champion.

Visit Pennant's Website

Cesar alt


New Talent

Announcing the addition of César Velasco to the director roster.  We met César by chance while on a production in Austin, TX.  We were drawn in by his moustache but stayed for his charisma.  Since we have collaborated with César on a number of projects including some recent work for Fidelity.  As a bi-lingual, multi-faceted, director he makes a perfect addition to our growing roster of creatives. Follow this link to some of César’s latest and greatest work.

View César's Work

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